Amazon's Dirty Little Secret

How to Use the Power of Others to Market and Sell for You by Greg Jameson


Based on the popular YouTube video by the same name, this book shares with you how you can use the POWER of other to market and sell for you – just like Amazon!

Don’t believe the hype – Internet sales are hard. Much harder than selling product offline. Perhaps that is why 94% of all sales still occur in brick and mortar stores. Amazon is the exception – most ecommerce websites are struggling. With online sales you have many obstacles to overcome:
– the customer can’t physically touch your product
– the customer has to wait to get the product
– the customer has to pay you first
– shipping costs can be high
– concerns over privacy
– concerns over credit card security
– return policies and costs
– and more!

Maybe that is why most customers research products online and still shop offline. Yes, you can make money online, but the internet isn’t a very good “get-rich-quick” scheme — it takes work and patience. You need an edge. This book shows you how you can increase your odds of closing a sale.