“Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets challenges you to ask the question, “What would Jeff Bezos do?”  Jam packed with actionable insights, Greg Jameson has unlocked the vault and given you the keys to success by showing you exactly how to use the power of others to market and sell for you.   Grab this book now.”

 Ken McArthur
Best-Selling Author of Impact: How to Get Noticed, Motivate Millions and Make a Difference in a Noisy World.

 “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets” is a great resource and learning tool for both company owners and online marketers. What makes this book so valuable is that Greg makes it clear what online activities and strategies will bring you the best results (i.e. building an email list, using YouTube, capitalizing on affiliate marketing, getting testimonial and reviews, etc.) and then explains how to accomplish each. His examples, case studies and links make it possible for you to see actual working examples of successful companies that have used the strategies and information that he has included in this book as you are reading it.”

Melonie Dodaro
CEO, Top Dog Social Media
Author, The LinkedIn Code

“Wow, Greg Jameson pulls back the curtain and reveals in his book ‘Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets’ the exact methods to make your business successful using Amazons own tactics.”

Rob Anspach
owner Anspach Media
Author of “Social Media Debunked” and
“Share: 27 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Experience, Build Trust and Attract Followers”

 “Whether you have an online business or operate a traditional storefront, you need to harness the amazing marketing power of the internet that is available to every entrepreneur and small business owner. Be not afraid! The title of Greg’s book, Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets, is actually lesson #1 in marketing – you have to standout and to get attention! Besides the great title, the pages of this book contain a veritable roadmap of how to attract and engage more customers and clients with email, video, and social media, often at little to no cost. Invest in this book, and more importantly, apply this information to your business.”

Jim Palmer
The Newsletter Guru
Author of Stop Waiting For it to Get Easier, Create Your Dream Business Now

“Greg is at the top of his game and that is very much apparent in his new book “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets.” The content is every bit as provocative as the title. This digs deeper than most surface books on the subject; the book is the one that will allow you to take action. The action you take will bring you the same actionable results that Amazon.com has used to become the world’s top shopping destination. He has put so much content in here, I think I saw a kitchen sink even inside!”

John Lawson
CEO ColderICE Media
Author of Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-Preneurs

“As a business owner, I’m always on the lookout for a guide-book and easy-to-use checklists to help keep my brand relevant and cutting edge. I knew I could learn a lot from Amazon, including their secrets for customer retention and a remarkable customer experience, but they weren’t writing a book about it. I’m so grateful for Greg Jameson’s time and talent for continuing to help business owners everywhere navigate online marketing, and especially working together with others. I think that Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets is going to be a very well-used resource for me, and a go-to for helpful business topics on my radio program.”

Angel Tuccy
Radio Host of the Experience Pros Radio Show,
Denver’s Longest Running Positive Business Talk Show

“Kudos to Greg Jameson on “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secret.” With his POWER+Plus formula, Greg provides an easy-to-follow blueprint that readers can apply to boost their Internet presence and increase their sales online.

Turn the pages and access tips and guidelines you can use to get others to market and sell for you. Among other things, Greg covers  how to get traffic to your Web site without relying on search engines, email best practices, how to win your customers’ trust, and more.

By citing specific examples, Greg illustrates how his clients have successfully implemented his advice. From search engine optimization and social media marketing to gathering testimonials and creating an engaging customer experience, he covers all the basics – not to mention, revealing “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secret.”

Debra Jason
The Write Direction- Marketing & writing with heart, not hype
Founder of the “Freelancers’ Freedom Playground”

“The cold hard truth is the small business really cannot compete on equal footing without knowledge – the knowledge learned from books like “Amazon’s Dirty Secret”.  The acronym POWER is a must execute plan if you want not only compete but to THRIVE.  Some of Greg’s advice are strategies we’ve done as retailers offline and were perplexed on how to apply it online. He gives you the case study on how you can do these on your online business to succeed.”

Shirley Tan
Author, Ecom Hell: How to make money in Ecommerce Without Getting Burned.

 “Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets” is a wonderfully crafted manual for novice and experienced marketers alike. This book is an excellent resource, successfully pairing effective strategies with clear examples, making it easy for the reader to grasp the concepts needed to navigate the Amazon system. What makes this book even more valuable, is that the methods enclosed can be applied to any business marketing system to generate profitable results. Informative and easy to follow, this book is definitely a “must read” for every business owner.

Rebekah Welch
The Marketing & Media Monsters
Marketing Authors & Speakers

“Few companies so accurately predicted their future through a brand name as did Amazon.com. Bezos has created a leviathan of a business model that has retailers all over the world scrambling to compete. What many entrepreneurs don’t realize is that Amazon offers amazing opportunities for authors and creators of other products to leverage the power of this giant to grow their own business.  In Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets, Greg Jameson pulls back the sheet to reveal the key strategies anyone can use to tap into the marketing genius that is Amazon.com”  

Joel Comm
New York Times Best-Selling Author

I’ve been involved in the world of internet marketing for years, and I am constantly searching for primers–simple tutorials that can make the complexity of the subject clear and actionable for beginners. People often ask me, “How do I approach web commerce? Where do I begin?” Finally, I can tell them: “Greg Jameson’s book, ‘Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets,’ is all you need!”

This is the real deal, from someone who has “been there and done that.” It is a practical book that tells you exactly what to do and how to do it. If you take it seriously, it is as good as any expensive course you can buy. Get this book and do what it says–and prosper in your internet business!

Dr. Joel Orr

The way everyone does business has changed dramatically over the last few years: from the speed of the internet and technology, to explosion of social media, to the demise of the economy and an uncertain future, everyone from IBM to your next door neighbor knows we all have to do things differently.  But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. There are powerhouses that have figured out the new economy and, through a thorough reading and study of “Amazons Dirty Little Secrets” we can learn what we should do differently too… at least in the sense of online marketing and shared influence. I know Greg Jameson personally and have had more than one conversation where I, a Forbes & AGBeat Top Social Media Influencer, was enlightened with new ideas. I read and will re-read this book and keep it on my active (not just collectible) shelf. You’d be wise to do the same.

Lori Ruff
Integrated Alliances, CEO, Speaker & Author
The Voice of www.InfluenceRadio.net

“WWJD – What would Jeff do?  This mantra is one that every business owner will be repeating after reading Amazon’s Dirty Little Secrets. Rather than spending hundreds, if not thousands, a month on SEO, Greg teaches you how to follow in Amazon’s footsteps to build a successful marketing strategy. Greg exposes the reasons why seeking the top rank in Google doesn’t need to come first in your marketing plan – or budget. Learning how to use email marketing with power partners, social media tips and tricks, and most importantly how to use Amazon’s own method of having other market for you will make you a savvy marketer that can know the answer to WWJD.”

Elizabeth Lewis, JD, MS
Law Office of EC Lewis, PC

 Greg really lays down a plan for you in this book and walks you through everything you need to do to follow in the steps of Amazon.  He uses the “Power” plan to help illustrate the key points of a successful online business.  You will learn so much about everything from Search Engine Optimization, social media, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, and more.  He has great case studies and specific tips to back up his points and a really helpful appendix on Google ranking at the end.  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to grow their online business and learn Amazon’s “dirty little secret”.

Andrea Vahl
co-author, “Facebook Marketing All-In-One For Dummies”

Amazon’s Dirty Little Secret is filled with practical and proven techniques for attracting more customers and earning their loyalty. These techniques have been the driving force behind Amazon’s meteoric success. The best part is you can use them to grow your business, too.

Ryan Healy
Direct Response Copywriter